cleaning day

my not so tidy bathroom

clean and organized are two words no one ever has described me with.

as much as i hate to admit it, i am neither one. ultimately i have my artistic temperament, my hectic schedule, and my lack of interest in cleaning to blame. as i mentioned before,  mom and dad’s house was perfectly clean for over six months. . . then. . . i come back. . . and disaster! i tend to fill my life with things. and often times things i don’t need. not a day goes by when i remind myself – remember just how easy and simple it was living out of a backpack for the start of the year?

i love and miss that freedom in knowing that everything you own is strapped on your back. at home i have an assortment of things i certainly don’t need but also things that i love. i have mountains of old paintings, sketches, journals, books, and clothes. yes, mountains.

thinking through and packing for my future at unc has been a fun process too. . . but i’ve ended up making more messes around the house.

all this to say this one thing – today was a cleaning day.

. . .

+ this video is fully mesmerizing

+ this photo of picasso with an afghan

+ this diy necklace and this earthy jewelry

+ this photo of amy poehler

+ this word clock

+ this film excites me more than i can say! one of these days i hope to be a part of something this extraordinary.

. . .

p.s. {later} i did get my whole bathroom cleaned and challenge you to also get rid of some stuff you don’t need! still more to sort through but progress was made.

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