a new chapter

ke$ha the camel *note: real name = dream, but elsie and i thought that didn't suit her well. to us, she was ke$ha and only ke$ha

a new chapter of my life begins tomorrow.

{the photo unfortunately has nothing to do with what tomorrow holds. goodbye riding camels in the desert on the boarder of india and pakistan, hello textbooks!}

excited isn’t the right word, but i feel ready.  i bet that the whole back to school thing is going to be a rough transition, but to be honest, it isn’t nearly as overwhelming as moving across the world. i know there will be internet, phones, and anything i need at a target nearby. packing has certainly been challenging this time around – i know i’ve over packed but i have no motivation to go back and unpack a few shoes, jumpers, or necklaces.

unc life starts tomorrow. . .

unrelated thoughts:

+ stay tuned for some shots of me practicing my asanas while in india and nepal . . . and some of the lessons i learned along the way

+ the girls of d.c. inspired me to chop all my hair off like agyness deyn. . . but i need to think on it more. . . no drastic moves yet. think i could pull if off, oui ou non?

+ a great song and an even greater feather headdress

+ my guest post over on kandyce’s blog {juice sister and jon brother are on their way to start a new life in india!!!}

+ work by wayne white 

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