what i wore wednesday: week 1

introducing a new feature to le blog today: the what i wore wednesday section.

each week from here on out, i will post just that – what i wore on wednesday.

i was inspired in part by my fabulous drama 470 – costume history class. this class and i are a happy match.


. . .

“To the person who is knowledgeable about a particular culture, dress is a silent language. It tells the observersomething about the organization of the society in which it is worn. It discloses the social stratification of the society, revealing whether there are rigid delineations of social and economic class or a classless society. For example, the political leaders in the African Ashanti tribe wore distinctive costumes marking their special status. Any subject who wore the same fabric pattern as the king would be put to death. In contrast, the costume of American political leaders does not deffer from that of most of the rest of the population. The political distinctions between the two cultures – the one an absolute monarchy, the other  a democracy – are mirrored in the clothing practices.”

– Phyllis G. Tortora and Keith Eubank, Survey of Historic Costume, 4th Edition

. . .


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