what i wore wednesday: week 2

just another wednesday.

today i wore a bright, floral romper that looks a great deal like a dress. it was one of those “i like your dress” days that always puts me in a good mood.

* note to self and a challenge to everyone who reads this blog – let’s make a pack and get better about complimenting others we encounter throughout the day. it makes the world a happier, more positive place. just think of how much you love to be complimented on something!

. . .

today changed a lot for me {more to come on this later} and my life as a college student is begining to feel a bit busier than ever before. just how do you go about doing everything you want/ need to do?!

sleep is important, n’est-ce pas?

i’m especially having a hard time finding the time to practice my yoga postures and meditating.  how do you life a full, healthy, and all the while productive life in college?

still working on that one.

i took a year off to come into school more focused, centered, and more confident in my own skin, but it is so easy to get so caught up in all this.

. . .

in other news, today was a good day because i got two new books in the mail, got a postcard from basel {my darling friend nadine sent one from her beautiful hometown}, and got a sweet card from my grandparents.

there’s so much i could choose to write about, but this is it for now.

au revoir.

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