the giz alphabet

ambition:to be a piece of art

bad habit: neat freak habit {*note: she is living with me this year. we just had to submit our housing/roommate agreement form yesterday and laughed about that one}

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: lemonade

education: currently a student at unc – chapel hill

food: chocolate & bread

guilty pleasure: mushy music. gossip girl. “friday”

hometown: asheville {dublin & london count too!}

ice cream: anything chocolate

jonesing for: real food

kryptonite: sawyer

look-a-like: natalie portman

movies: “the royal tenenbaums”. “(500) days of summer”. “singing in the rain“.

nicknames: giz. sweetheart. betty. gizzy. friday. g. e.

obsession: movies. texting. clothing. chocolate. houses. emma watson. purple.

perfume: anything good

quirk: messing with her left earring when she thinks

regrets: junior year

starbucks: black americano

talents: pretending. cleaning. baking.

university: unc – chapel hill {studying drama & communications}

vacation: seattle

wine: white

x: x her need for people

years: eighteen

zen: rain. curling up in a ball. loud music. sisters. smoke. yummy smells

{* p.s. g’s portrait & my post “irene” was recently re-posted over at toemail! also, i am currently hiding with hundreds of other unc students in the basement of the student union. a freak tornado just hit chapel hill. . . so if i don’t have the chance to post another post ever again, know that i lived a good life [listening to this & dreaming of him]! strange how week 1 back to school = earthquake. week 2 = hurricane. and now week 3 = tornado. starting off well. . . also, if you are interested in contributing to my collection of alphabets inspired by my sister abby, please send me a few photos and your responses. . . also, stay tuned for my suite-mate aditi’s alphabet!}

5 thoughts on “the giz alphabet

  1. So cute! Congrats on being re-posted, too! And um, DON’T DIE!! Call/text me to confirm that you are alive. I have a feeling that the Union is a pretty sturdy place to be.

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