the aditi alphabet

“are we human or are we dancer?”

human, the killers

. . .  giz, fariha, aditi, & i dance a lot in our suite. . .

here’s my beautiful, talented, and ambitious suite mate aditi’s alphabet:

ambition: become a doctor who dances {*i have to brag on her. a just made unc’s very competitive chalkaa dance team!}

bad habit: eating late at night

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: mango lassi {*good choice a!}

education: currently a student at unc – chapel hill

food: any italian. any mexican. & samosas

guilty pleasure: “glee” & “suits.”

hometown: columbus, oh {family roots in pune, india though}

ice cream: coldstone mint ice cream with brownies, oreos, & fudge

jonesing for: a boy

kryptonite: tall boys

look-a-like: frieda pinto

movies: “disturbia.” “saw.” “the village.”

nicknames: sweetie-pie. atitty. d. adu. raj. attity.

obsession: boys. doing other people’s hair. shoe shopping.

perfume: victoria secret scents {none in particular}

quirk: plays with her gums with her finger when she thinks

regrets: sophomore year

starbucks: java chip frappé

talents: doing homework. chemistry. doing hair. dancing.

university: unc – chapel {biology & business with a chem minor. * this girl loves science. the other day i walked into her room and she was reading her chem book for fun}

vacation: mumbai, india {*we’re determined to go to india together}

wine: none

x: x her need for attention

years: eighteen

zen: dancing to obnoxiously loud music. doing homework {once again!}. running. spending time with her mom.

a, you are awesome and i am so blessed to have you as a suite mate this year!

. . . up next. . . the fariha alphabet!


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