let’s talk about sleep

i don’t sleep much.

i’m just not much of a sleeper.

never have been, probably never will be one.

i need sleep and so do a lot of other people around the world.

college campuses are prime locations to see the sleep deprived in action.

+ check out these photos of sleepers around the world

+ my sexy, super chic older sister {she is a style icon whether she realizes it or not}

+ just went to hear robert gibbs speak at memorial hall on campus. the thing he said that most stood out to me was that news today is almost entirely self-selected. it scared me a bit because i realized just how guilty i am of only reading the news i want to read. i read things that i want to learn about, but how often do i stretch myself and try reading something that truly challenges me or is from a different perspective?

+ i’ve missed them. i love.

+ unc was once again named 5th best public university {my article and photo over at reesenews here}

{*all photos are mine from india – train sleepers, street sleepers. . . it doesn’t really matter where you are or how you sleep. . . so long as you get some sleep}

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