in need of . . .

mountain time.

i miss the mountains and spending time outside.

i don’t like how busy i’ve allowed myself to get. . .

today =

study, classes, exams, lunch with a friend, work at reese,  & fleet foxes concert!


{photo from the annapurna circuit, northern nepal}

2 thoughts on “in need of . . .

  1. The more I think about the top of the world (which I hated before and during my time there) the more I just want to be back there and experience it with the right people, just taking my time and hiking to the top of hills rising from the left and the right

  2. mountains in nc might not be all that epic, but they are beautiful and exciting in their own way. and yes, i couldn’t agree more. mountains with the ones you love most is always better than being all alone.

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