i have a feeling. . .

today is going to be the longest of days. . .

“it’s a very american trait, this wanting people to think well of us. it’s a young want, and i am ashamed of it in myself. i am not always a good daughter, even though my lacks are in areas different from her complaints. haven’t i learned yet that the desire to be perfect is always disastrous and, at the least, loses me in the mire of false guilt?”

– madeleine l’engle

. . .

+ want to curl up and read this book over and over again. . . it was my favorite when i was just beginning to like books. . .

+ my wedding will resemble this

+ last weekend, abby & i fell in love with st. vincent together again. . . cruel

+ this past weekend was special – photos to come!

+ i have some truly great people in my life right now

+ here’s to a new week! . . .  i’m trying to go a whole week without complaining. . . i find that this campus just breeds complaining. i’m done with it. ultimately, we have so little to complain about. . . who’s going to join me in this?

+ p.s. marry me?

{image from one of my favorite spots in nepal – beautiful, quirky, quiet baghmara right outside of chitwan national park. i lived here for several weeks and rode my bike on these dusty roads several times a day}


One thought on “i have a feeling. . .

  1. i finally got around to watching the eat learn move videos and seriously, i love them.

    plus, the guy is not unfortunate looking, to put it lightly. i think you should follow through with your proposal.

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