the anna alphabet

ambition: do something selfless with my life

bad habit: forgetting to eat meals here and there

city: chapel thrill

drink: sunkist, though i am trying to defeat my addiction

education: first-year student at unc chapel hill

food: chocolate chip pancakes. cooked in butter, smothered in syrup.

guilty pleasure: one time i read the twilight books…and liked it.

hometown: greenville, n.c.

ice cream: karamel sutra

jonesing for: a complete autumn wardrobe.

kryptonite: the snooze button

look-alike: my mother

movies: (500) days of summer. into the wild.

nicknames: annaday. holla. anna the holiday ornament.

obsession: john krasinski. zooey deschannel. mixed cds. black & white photography. sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) by arcade fire. i dream about this song quite often.

perfume: i rely solely on my shampoo to give me a somewhat-pleasant smell. is that gross?

quirk: long toenails

regrets: dumping charlie shelton in the 8th grade

starbucks: java chip frapp

talents: black & white film photography (shooting, developing, and soon to work on printing!)

univerisity: tar heel born, tar heel bred

vacation: barcelona, spain!

wine: that taste has yet to be acquired…

x: my unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise

years: eighteeeeeen

zen: listening to the where the wild things are soundtrack. (i named my car after karen o.) reading harry potter. laughing with my mother

. . .

{sure hope you enjoyed the lovely miss anna’s alpahabet! i particularly love her answer to regrets – so cute and sweet. she and charlie have since sorted things out! all photos are from giz, anna, and my sugarland date the other afternoon. *remember, feel free to send an alphabet my way and i will get around to posting it one of these odd days. . . }


2 thoughts on “the anna alphabet

  1. So sweet! Anna is so pretty. The photo of the three of you at Sugarland also brings up all of these weird feelings of delight and deja vu–like there is a version of me, Emily, and Rose sitting there… Love it.

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