i confess:

– few things scare me all that much, but china still does {photos from shanghai}

-i often forget about the war. it is not on my mind as much as it should be. it makes me feel guilty.

– i work at a newspaper and don’t read the national news everyday {i try but sometimes i don’t make the time for it}

– i should probably like this, but i really don’t

– i get distracted. i am a daydreamer through and through and sometimes it is hard to get focused again. . .

– i was homeschooled . . . and i liked it

– i find animals and babies cool and all, but i am not really obsessed with either one {nothing like abby and puppies}

– i have already toyed with the idea of dropping out or taking another year off

– when i say i cannot do math or write. i really mean it. i think my early education {ha! as much as i might have enjoyed my quirky early education, it didn’t well-equip me to deal with real world math, science, or english. the other day i panicked because couldn’t calculate a tip. it is really sad.}

– i do not know anything much about cameras or taking pictures

– i know very little about the middle east

– i don’t know anything about color theory

– i often forget just how massive the aids pandemic is. {went to this last night and was reminded all over again}

– i am not cut out to be a musician. ever. i can appreciate music but i have  a weak, squeaky voice and no musical talent. . . but i often have big dreams of dropping everything in pursuit of a musical career

– i am not a good driver and i still don’t know how to drive a manual car

– our government confuses me {a lot}

– i don’t really belong anywhere or with any group {like my mother in this regard. . . she often says she doesn’t fit in any one group. . . and i guess that’s okay right?}

– i do not know much about a lot of important things


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