here’s a list of just a few of the things i’ve been missing lately:

+ a more consistent yoga practice

+ hearing this song and making memories in new zealand

+ hearing this song and walking through the streets of kathmandu

+ feeling fully healthy, happy, and flexible

+ exercise

+ feeling like a rockstar every time i walked down the street {i used to hate it, but to be honest, i sorta miss it now}

+ grace time

+ cooking good and elaborate food

+ journal/sketching time

+ trying new things

+ time

+ change

+ snooping good blogs {i need recommendations blog world!}

+ friends from abroad

+ spending most all of my time outside

+ reading books for fun

+ being ambitious

+ my family {so happy kelsey lives close, but i miss everyone and i’m sad we all have to grow up and leave}

+ davidson worship

+ painting

+ being passionate

+ that desire to wake up early and fill my days with what i love most

+ dusty sunsets

+ having no set routines

+ mountains!

+ swimming

+ cooking in tt’s kitchen with her

{image 1: morning yoga in one of my favorite spots in the whole wide world – a certain rooftop in bapatla, southern india. image 2: mel, alicia, louise, and i down by the river in chitwan, nepal. image 3: one of the big ones. this guy was right outside our window in manang, on the annapurna circuit. image 4: a sketch i did in india of my cute home in davidson. image 5: dusty sunset in magical varanasi – this was right after a massive dust storm had just blown through the city}


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