eva + peter = married

just a {few} more of eva + peter’s wedding!

this wedding was so them. and so full of love.

eva and peter’s story goes something like this. . .

eva {a family friend/older sister character for me} decided she was ready to take time off from appalachian state u. and study abroad in some wonderful, beautiful, exciting country. she found a music program in wellington, new zealand and went. in her first few weeks there,  she met peter.

. . . now they are here. . .

the rest is theirs to tell. . .

+ + +

“we love the things we love for what they are.”

– robert frost

+ + +

thanks eva and peter for letting me be a part of your special day. i love you both and love new zealand, and i am so glad that crazy country brought you two together! you are nothing but love.



One thought on “eva + peter = married

  1. Grace _ these are AMAZING!!!
    Gorgeous shots you got! Thank you so much! You are fantastic as a friend and a fabulous photographer!!!

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