little letters

thanks for changing my life.

that presentation last night was easily the most inspiring thing i have ever attended. i want to be you. i know exactly what i want to do with the rest of my life. you can tell stories like no other. thank you.

. . teach me to take photos like you one day?

  • dear nepal,

i think of you everyday and how excited i am to get back to you.

  • dear education,

you need work.

i have a dream . . .

one of these days i will create a university in which experimental education and hands-on learning are celebrated. . . it will be one that actually equips you with real knowledge. . . it will celebrate people and achievements both big and small . . . it will value the health and wellness of its students rather than their academic successes. . . it will reward people on their character, their creativity, their problem-solving abilities, and their intelligence, not their gpa. . . it will have designated nap rooms and prayer rooms {just like the delhi airport!} where tired students can rest and recover. . . it will be a place where people with have the time to talk, listen, and love each other. . .

  • dear future,

i know you will be hard on me, but i am ready. i am not going down without a fight.

ég mun aldrei gefast uppi will never give up in icelandic

  • dear kandyce and jonathan,

i wish i could be with you right now to celebrate diwali and take photos of candles and eat sickly sweet desserts!

  • dear headache,

please leave me now. three days is just too much to handle.



{photo: just chilln above kathmandu’s durbar square. also, another alphabet and what i wore wednesday post coming soon!}

One thought on “little letters

  1. diwali was awesome. it would have been MORE awesome if you had been there… especially given the practice we all have blowing things up together, eh? :)

    love you!

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