the ananda alphabet

ambition: find my greatest propensity to create goodness and actually do it, make the people I care for happy- just one smile please?, become a master barista [ etymology], say yes, take pictures like this one here.

bad habit: playing devil’s advocate even when i agree, believing food can be the answer to anyone and everyones problems

city: the ones that are so mixed they are nowhere or they will be- new york, london, paris, san fran, dakar.

drink: irish chai, tequila & tonic, and making them for other people

education: is an enabling addiction- elementary in mt & nc, durant road year round middle, raleigh charter hs

food: or more aptly cuisine- make anything good enough and use for peace & reconciliation- revel in it. right now i’m on apple & brie crepes with a cinnamon reduction [brunch and tea time are hands down the best meals ever created]

guilty pleasure: seeing people smile when they think no one is watching; eating raspberries bubble by bubble

hometown: livingston, montana

ice cream: it all, usually chocolately with raspberries or mint

jonesing for: france & a parisi[m]an

kryptonite: accepting empathy, orthography, and anything with over 65% cocoa

look-a-like: sandra bullock is the only one I’ve ever gotten

movies: love actually & the darjeeling limited

nicknames: aday, nandibles, nanda [bear], silly [that one might be of happenstance]

obsessions: random facts, reading, sweet & savory foods, etymology, honest moments, skills

perfume: burberry brit… or that random indian stuff?

quirk: people somehow think i’m serious [preposterous]. i can remember every detail about our first meeting but not your name.

regrets: apathy in any form.

starbucks: burns their beans. go to seattle if need be, or find another roaster to delight in a cappuccino or hazelnut espresso

talent: accidentally instigating & laughing at really awkward situations

university: of north carolina at chapel hill for now, europe comes next

vacation: my minorca, spain

wine: dry as the sahara, delicate as sand, usually white

x: to dispassion & super fishy seafood- both make me sick to my stomach

years: 20 with a 30-day countdown

zen: silence with those people; the moment before you get out of bed on christmas morning; laundry detergent & fresh cut grass

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