the margo alphabet

ambition: be more selfless. make peace with the impossibility of permanence. have the courage to chase my dreams and the inner strength to not worship external indicators of success.
bad habit: catholic guilt is a real and persistent affliction, my friends.
city: daydreaming is my main hobby, so it changes hourly.

drink: ananda’s irish chai, hands-down.
education: is best experienced in the form of long conversations with brilliant friends and strangers- in the middle of the night, on trains, in back-alley shisha cafes- or, in the context of college life, as a way to procrastinate on those silly graded assignments.
food: is love.
guilty pleasure: cornball romantic comedies that I watch with my cornball, heartbreakingly adorable mom.
hometown: a fishing village/artist colony of 8,000-ish people just north of boston.
ice cream: have you ever tried ice cream made from coconut milk? it is so very yum.
jonesing for: (praying for:) courage.

kryptonite: craving others’ approval.
look-a-like: because of my hair, people get lazy and make ridiculous comparisons to other gingies with whom I share nothing other than a few drops of Viking blood and an unfortunate tendency to blush hard and often.

movies: almost famous. across the universe. the wild thornberrys movie.
nicknames: margie, marge, the glowworm (middle school is a cruel time for pale kids)
obsession: learning foreign languages. moments of connection. dark, dark chocolate with stuff like chili pepper and cinnamon and sea salt.

perfume: is expensive!
quirk: being careless about my property and personal safety. periodic cravings for total solitude.
regrets: letting people down. allowing fear to paralyze me while opportunities pass by.
starbucks: is inferior to caribou coffee.
talents: vegan baking scrumptious enough to fool omnivores.
university: is not the only place to get an education.

vacation: visiting a beloved friend in venezuela this spring!
wine: is still a bit of a mystery to me.
x: stands for hug.
years: hope to have about 80 more.
zen: wadi rum just before dawn. that’s my happy place.


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