the sarah alphabet

ambition: spread smiles. speak truth to power. become a foster parent. build rather than buy as much as possible. nurture my own creativity. bungee jump.

bad habit: internet tv binges. flower-picking.

city: san francisco and marrakesh and dharamsala and thessoloniki and tel aviv

drink: kahlua milkshakes, chai soy lattes, cool water

education: “never let school interfere with your education.”

food: yes, always, more please. (fresh fruit, berries, root vegetables, couscous, lentils, quinoa, etc.)

guilty pleasure: making other people slightly uncomfortable, trespassing

hometown: jacksonville, fl. manhattan. tierra verde, fl. charlotte, nc.

ice cream: soft-serve! And all green flavors: pistacHio, mint, green tea

jonesing for: good, wild, soulful intercourse

kryptonite: source of my distruction – boredom; key to weak-knees –  the seamless combination of passion and whimsy.

look-a-like: rachel weisz (in my dreams), my sister (strong-ass genetics), and the girl from pan’s labyrinth.

movies: shawshank redemption, fight club, boondock saints, goodwill hunting, pretty woman, back to the future, disney

nicknames: sarsar, sawah, panda, vip, shrimp, squirt, pinkey, timon, tigger, sarah julia

obsessions: men with facial hair, women with tousled locks, avocados

perfume: vanilla and cinnamon. sage and open fires.

quirk: meowing. climbing things. sitting on the floor, even when chairs are available.

regrets: i do not believe in such things. every decision pulls you down a path slightly but substantively different from that which you were on before. a single perceived misstep or mistake cannot be redressed without erasing everything that you have become since then.

starbucks: no… maybe… sometimes… shut up

talent: talking to anyone, organization, the art of combination (beads, clothing, tastes, colors, words)

university: U-N-C GO HEELS GO

vacation: only a small adventure or a long plane-ride away

wine: white, champagne, dessert, sangria, manschewitz


years: each should be better than the last. Unless you peaked in high school, in which case I’m sorry. 19.

zen: cool pillows and warm blankets. crisp autumn air. silence between good friends. waking up to avian chirps and the rising sun. mischievous grins.


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