21 by 21 goals

exactly a year ago i was living and working in the little town of blenheim, new zealand.

it is hard for me to even comprehend how much my life has changed since then.

where did a year go?

+ + +

grace’s 20 by 20 goals:

3.) buy a bike
4.) see mt. everest (does the everest mnt. range count?)
5.) take a self-defense or karate class
6.) become a better friend and better listener (you will have to ask my friends! i’m still working on this one)
9.) have weekly cooking nights over at sarah or kelsey’s place
11.) find a job doing something i love (or at least like a good bit)
12.) learn to sew a skirt, romper, or dress
13.) start looking for more travel opportunities, grants, scholarships, you name it!
14.) make a chain of blessings and add one each day of school
15.) join a bible study
16.) make art on a daily basis (i try)
17.) run in a race  (just made that happen LAST week!)
18.) find the best place to see the stars on/off campus
19.) go rock climbing with andrew every week  (sometimes with andrew, sometimes with others!)
+ + +
here’s to a new year and a new list!
+ + +

grace’s 21 by 21 goals:

1.) participate in a yoga workshop (and teach regularly in chapel hill)

2.) train to be a doula

3.) learn to bake bread & incorporate bread making into my life every week

4.) make a portfolio and a website

5.) take an art class (learn to make pottery/ develop and use my film cameras & dark rooms/go back to figure drawing class)

6.) make money doing things i like to do/can learn from (& start paying off my education)

7.) sew something (thinking an apron would be fun)

8.) pet a wild squirrel

9.) learn how to play the accordion (now that it has made this list, its getting serious. if anyone knows how i can do these, please let me know!)

10.) travel to a new state

11.) learn how to take care of beehives with my mother

12.) teach art to kiddos

13.) plant things and watch them grow

14.) make mo:mos and samosas from scratch

15.) run the charlottesville 10 miler (AND a half marathon before February 2013)

16.) go to a new country – mexico, uganda, indonesia ???

17.) buy a canon 5d mark ii  (learn to make short films and take beautiful photos)

18.) spend a week without sleeping in a bed . . . (goal: live like an authentic hobo with andrew in chapel hill)

19.) decide on a study abroad/ find, apply & get grands to travel

20.) rock climb on real rock faces/climb at least once a week

21.) volunteer and serve in my community

+ + +

thanks everyone for making today so special.

i feel very loved.

(& check out abby’s sweet post.)


8 thoughts on “21 by 21 goals

  1. i can help you learn to sew!! i can bring you pretty fabric from india, too. you just have to come visit me. :)

    also, i can introduce you to people who can help you make momos and samosas. (i am not joking. and i’m talking about people in colorado, not in india.)

    lastly, can i aid you in your goal of buying a new camera by offering to buy your current camera from you in april? (i mean, i’m making the offer to buy your camera now, but i couldn’t get it from you until april.)

  2. also, oh shoot. i didn’t realize beth amma offered to help you learn to sew. she’s better at it than i am. i’d go with her if i were you.

  3. Hello,

    I love your goals!

    And I can help with your volunteering goal.

    The charity I work with called The Peace Project has recently been nominated for a $50,000 grant to build the first Peace Center in Sierra Leone to provide a place for men, women and children whose limbs were forcibly amputated in Sierra Leone’s 10-year civil war to have a peaceful place where people can together and re-build their lives.

    To volunteer all you have to do is to follow this link and vote for our cause every day.

    And yes please volunteer to tell your friends, family, and all the wonderful people who follow your blog.

    Through creativity and community we CAN change the world.

    Thank you so much.


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