the cameron alphabet

ambition: to help revolutionize human biology. to build a skyscrapper. to shape an international biotech pharmaceutical corporation. but most of all to live a life of worth.
bad habit: procrastichating, turning into a couch blob, inhaling food.

city: downtown seattle.
drink: every day.. caffeine. alcoholic….gin and tonic.
education: at a bench-top in a lab.
food: good cake…. especially cheese cake.

guilty pleasure: i love scifi, gossiping, and a well fit suit pant.
hometown: seattle wa, on its mossy northern side.
ice cream: mint chocolate chip.. and add some more mint to that.
jonesing for: a cardingan… really need to get a cardigan.
kryptonite: melencholy

look-a-like: well some say my india mustache made me look like ron swanson from parks and rec. they’re right.
movies: the curious case of benjamin button
nicknames: cam kneib, kneibster, cam town, cam bam, cam the killa, cameroni, and bambi (yup… middle school had its ups and downs).
obsession: science.
perfume: cologne: acqua de gio. on others. citrus and musky wood, clean, yet simple, and ubiquitous.
quirk: pen behind my ear, tongue sticks out when im focusing, and i smile like the cheshire cat.

regrets: forgetting to think about the people i love. (happens sometimes) those are the only times i regret.
starbucks: in seattle. tall double americano, extra hot. a spash of half and half and some suger.
talents: smiles.
university: of north carolina for the next bit.
vacation: to a culinary school for a few weeks. or months maybe.. who knows.
wine: preferred above beer and shots, but not a good mixed drink. always in a wine glass if it can be. or in a jar….. but something different and something new to taste is always best.

x: “what is the limit of x?” “limits. why couldn’t i remember anything about limits? limits that was that week aaron got his hair cut. oh, god, he looked so cute. OK, FOCUS, cady. what was on the board behind aaron’s head? if the limit never approaches anything….. the limit does not exist. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!” [really?!?! wasn’t cady supposed to be some math genius. that was day one calc stuff right there! big whoop! cmon]
years: 10 more until im done with my ed-u-ma-cation in school, but does an education ever really stop?
zen: the end of a long hard day of work. with peers. preferably overlooking a skyline.

+ + +

thanks for sharing cam!

interested in sharing your alphabet?

let me know and i would love to post it!


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