home for the weekend

i’m currently sitting at summit coffee with the lovely cora sharing a pot of soothing white tea.

kelsey, cora & i went home this weekend to rest, recover and process LIFE.

life moves.

if we don’t take the time to stop & think, we accomplish very little.

that’s what we have devoted this weekend to –

stopping. thinking. cooking. drinking tea. long talks. journaling. napping. {yes, i took a real nap this weekend. maybe the second real nap of my life – cora & i fell asleep on the couch together for a little over an hour & it was magical}

tonight = my birthday dinner with mm & dd and the family & some more reading/sleeping/thinking time. . .

+ photos of frozen europe

+ i support this

+ song of my week

+ also, for those of you who live in chapel hill. go see this exhbition at the ackland.

what is your weekend looking like?

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