cooking in le dorm

preparing a meal is far from glamorous in a dorm kitchen, although i am learning the tricks. last sunday, i spent most of my afternoon in the kitchen making sense of the food i had left over from the week before.

out of the few ingredients i had to choose from and the supplies, i created these two dishes:

***roasted sweet potatoes with ginger, almonds & dried cranberries***

wash, cut and cube sweet potatoes {i had three} in olive oil and my favorite salt . cut candied ginger, almonds, and dried cranberries into small pieces. mix together curry, oil oil and honey. mix all the ingredients together and drizzle the dressing over everything. *its sweet, salty and a bit spicy.

*** lentils with onions, garlic & red curry***

saute garlic and onion in pan. wash and cook lentils – cook in vegetable broth for more flavor. add sauted garlic and onions, salt, a little olive oil and curry powder at the end of cooking time. *simple, pure food is the best.

this week, i have turnips and salad greens {thanks to sprout!} to play around with. any ideas?

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