the anne alphabet

ambition: everything. right now, to write a killer short story, to master cruising on my skateboard, to build a table. ultimately, to share my deep love for this earth by telling stories that foster compassion.
bad habit: procrastinating, being late, not using test strips in the darkroom and wasting paper.
city: paris beckons!
drink: water and coffee, wine and beer.
education: is constant.
food: is something to behold & a way to show appreciation for the earth. local is sexy, y’all! oh, and i love cheese.

guilty pleasure: having staring contests with confused strangers, skipping class to be in the arboretum
hometown: winston-salem
ice cream: i have so many ideas! imagine: vanilla bean with fig and goat cheese, milk with a honey swirl, black coffee sorbet. patents pending, by the way (not actually).
kryptonite: boys on cool bikes
look-a-like: my grandmother
movies: quiet ones are my favorites
nicknames: AG, annie, annie poo, anton, anthony, gilb

obsession: trees, the sun, coffee, riding my bike barefoot
perfume: should be noticed in subtle wafts as a sort of nice surprise.
quirk: an obsession with light and consequent hyperconsciousness of it; i always laugh when i make jokes; i’m terrified of cops.
regrets: not familiar with the term…
starbucks: is probably best avoided.
talents: defying the presumption that all tall people play basketball, maintaining ability to function without sleep
university: go heels y’all!

vacation: dreaming of a roadtrip to graceland à la paul simon
wine: tastes & feels real nice. one day I’ll know all about it.
x: thoroughly enjoying the perpetual search for it
years: are the most precious thing. i want a hundred of them!
zen: is on a bike, riding north on ocracoke island’s highway 12.

3 thoughts on “the anne alphabet

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