the alyssa alphabet

ambition: “i go to seek a great perhaps” – francois rabelais
bad habit: wishing i were always somewhere other than where i am.
city: keep austin weird – not that it needs any help.
drink: my mom’s black tea with a teaspoon of cream. somehow i always end up drinking it even when i have my own cup in front of me.
education: should be freeing

food: is art. my style of cooking is impressionism. or at least that is what the mess that is left afterwards looks like.
guilty pleasure: long, hot showers…the kind where your skin is red and puffy afterwards.
hometown: nothing like the sweet taste of grapes off the vine.
ice cream: must be a perfect melty-solid combination…
jonesing for: camp life, no camp champs like camp champions camp champs!

kryptonite: andrew jackson, or andy as i refer to him; sexy men of history in general look-a-like: brown hair alyssa: apparently resembles nancy clutter. blonde hair alyssa: amy phoeler. black hair alyssa: sometimes catherine zeta jones. red hair alyssa: ginger spice?
movies: melvin goes to dinner, spirited away, the godfather, the royal tennenbaums, lost in translation, amelie, once
nicknames: court!! brought to you by jak farson
obsession: diners, drive-ins and dives, uma thurman’s dance scene in pulp fiction, eyebrows, a southern season, transition of seasons in general
perfume: daisy by marc jacobs
quirk: always end up telling multiple stories in order to finish one story

regrets: to have danced more…just for fun.
starbucks: i may have been there before…during fall, especially. pumpkin spice latte, anyone?
talents: rolling down hills, turning unhealthy dishes into a nutritionist’s wonders, forming relationships with inanimate objects – plummy my phone, chandler my jeep, fitz my rock.

university: and i’m gone to carolina…
vacation: requires a good mix tape.
wine: geisenheim, germany: the ubiquitous vineyards tucked into the hills overlooking the rhine river provide the area with sweet sustenance good for an eternity.

x: i’ve always been abysmal at math. what does the x do exactly?
years: how have 19 already passed? inconceivable!
zen: sitting in the rainbow chairs watching the last of the sun’s rays fade from
orange to pink to purple over lake lbj, feeling the relief of cool breeze blowing graciously by me on a june evening in marble falls, tx.

thanks alyssa {court} for sharing! if you care to contribute an alphabet, simply answer the following and send me a few photos!


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