lessons learned: no. 1

travel is all about being okay with change. change in our plans//change in our attitude and perception //change in most every area of life.

so here’s to learning new lessons about change each and everyday.

“life changes in the instant. the ordinary instant.”

– joan didion

lesson no. 1: public holidays = change of plans.

i went to book a flight//bus//train//anything today to bali, but it turns out everything is 2x the price because the ascention of jesus holiday on the 17th. i don’t really know what is happening this week in accordance with the holiday, but i know that everyone is off and traveling too!

i’ve decided to spend another night at the same hostel and another day in jakarta before trying to find another way to either bromo or bali. i might have a companion or two with me on the journey, but all that is subject to change. i’ve loved the past two days in jakarta, but knowing all that is on this island and the surrounding ones, i am curious to see what else is in store.

recap of day two in jakarta: another early wake up//yoga on a rooftop {i cannot even begin to tell you how much i have missed this!} // fruit breakfast and tea // email and research time // explorations with my new favorite travel companions – bobby from indo and marjos from the netherlands.

all i have had to eat and drink these past few days is street food//drink, so we’ll see if i am healthy in the morning! regardless of what happens, it has all been deliciously warm and spicy and wonderful.

instead of photos, this time around you can enjoy my dancey travel song. i listened to it on the flight into dubai and it has put me in a ridiculously good mood ever since!


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