new words & phrases

whenever i travel, i always end up learning the most pointless words and phrases. . .  so far. .

here’s some of what i have learned:

  • kekuatan – power
  • gimbal – dreadlock
  • terlalu mahal – it’s too expensive
  • aku tidak akan menyerah – i will never give up
  • mengapa? – why?

amirah and i are back on bali! we took the fast boat back from the gili islands this morning. we just spent five of the most glorious days of our lives there and are equally excited to start our work back on java – check out amirah’s gili photos here.

tomorrow, amirah and i are flying to yogykarta. we start our language training and then work the week after.

we have no complaints and we feel extremely blessed and content. but, most of all we are just incredibly excited!

more to come soon! i cannot wait to share photos and write more. my personal journal has yet to be filled and that alone is a long and funny task!

{photo from the antique market in jakarta }


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