the time has come

the time has come once again to love a place and then leave.

in just two short days i’ll be back on a plane (with red, watery eyes) heading home. home to an {apparently} very hot summer, very busy work schedule, and my incredible family. thankfully, there is always a good and a bad with staying and leaving a place.

i admit, i really haven’t allowed myself to even begin think about leaving all this! my blogging has been seriously lacking these past few weeks because i began to realize just how short my time was and i wasn’t about to waste any minute of it online.

indonesia, thanks for letting me loose part of myself to you. i can honestly say that every bit of this experience has turned out far more rewarding and incredible than i could have imagined.

10 things indonesia has taught me in eight short weeks:

1.) stop. sit. think and be okay with it

2.) shadow puppets are often the best way to tell a story

3.) when in doubt, dance out your feelings (anywhere and everywhere)

4.) nasi goreng (fried rice) tastes good for any and every meal

5.) never hit a patch of sand on your motorbike when you’re not prepared for it

6.) the loudest (4:30 a.m.)call to prayer  in the world exists in tembi village (and yet, i’m really going to miss it waking me up every single morning)

7.) indonesian fruit and fruit juices are unmatched

8.) bahasa indonesia is one remarkable, straight-forward language

9.) life really is all about the people you encounter along the way

10.) never stop being amazed or surprised

i really didn’t deserve any of this experience. i am incredibly thankful and blessed and i will never stop signing this country’s praises.

{photo credit: nicole welsh}


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