EARS: Nine favorite songs.

I found this one to be incredibly difficult, but I have narrowed it down to the songs that are associated with some of the best and brightest memories// moments in life.  So here’s to those songs, those songs that take me right back to those places. . .

1.) “Pick up the Phone” Dragonette – My current favorite dancey song to listen to while rollerblading to class

2.) “Titanium” Sia – Rave-Cave-ing-it with Dad

3.) “Eyes Wide Open” Gotye  – All of Indonesia

4.) “Holocene” Bon Iver – Struggling and persevering in Chapel Hill

5.) “And the Boys“Angus and Julia Stone – Impossibly long and inspiring walks through the streets of Kathmandu

6.) “Kickstarts” Example – Queenstown, New Zealand

7.)  “Bluebells” Patrick Wolf – Euro tripping with Kelsey

8.) “Coming Home” Diddy – Reunions

9.) “Skinny Love” both Bon Iver and Birdy versions – Far too many good memories with this one. Road trips// hot tea// naps in Gili Islands 


+ Parts of the Body Ask

+ Feet

+ Knees

+ Stomach

+ Hands

+ Heart

+ Mouth

+ Nose

+ Eyes

Plus, photos and stories from an amazing weekend of music, camping, and hula hoops coming soon!


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