Indonesia on the brain [among other things]

+ The documentary screening is TONIGHT! Excited. And the main reason Indonesia is on the brain . . .

+ Facebook still be blowin up! This was the best of the day after the election-related photos found on fb though. . .

+ Also funny

+ I cut my hair this afternoon and didn’t realize how much I cut off until i looked in the trash. I decided to embrace my hair’s natural inclination towards 80’s blowout. *Note: It’s nothing too extreme.

+ Best of the week: New Age Family Dinner last night – We drank soup off the table, tried to adhere to a Paleo diet, and even played a few rounds of Spoons.

+ Also, I’m going to start teaching yoga again. I’m beyond pumped. To say I’ve missed it is an understatement.

[Photos: Nicole, Amirah, Jen + my glorious afternoon at this fancy resort’s pool//Grace Farson]


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