Bali kind of green






Ubud, Bali = green magic.

+ This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen [or ever will]. I think I look at these photos every couple of hours – you could say I’m a little obsessed. If I ever get married I want it to be this – Jasmine in my hair, henna on my hands, wayang to watch, rice fields under my feet, running water all around. Bali. [P.S. the Green School is more than amazing. John Hardy‘s wonderful tedx talk = incredible . . . as is Elora Hardy– recently in Vogue too]. I’ve long been interested in the Green School, but my obsession just got a little stronger. . . *Seeing part of my future and loving it. . .

[Photos: Ubud, Bali//Grace Farson]

2 thoughts on “Bali kind of green

  1. So i happened to stumble across your blog while surfing for something totally unrelated. Anyway, I am from India and loved seeing some of the pictures and notes you wrote on your blog. I find your perspective on everyday life invigorating. It somehow gave meaning to the “mundane” scenes of life that we just skim over. I just thought I would encourage you to keep your perspective fresh. I am from North India (hindi native tongue) and live with my family in Cary. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are ever craving home-cooked indian food ;)

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