Today’s best and worst list:



*Dress weather

*It’s the LAST DAY OF CLASS y’all! One more project and I’ve only got two finals left. . .

* The cute little girl on the bus getting her lollipop stuck on my felt blazer and then shoving it back in her mouth

* Two cups of the world’s greatest homemade coffee

* Getting back to teaching yoga again (*Yesterday, I taught for the first time all semester and I have forgotten just how much I’ve missed teaching. Still thinking about it in fact. . . )

*The reminder that everything is going to be okay!


*Dress weather when it gets cold as the day goes on. . . These hot afternoons get me worried about the planet too. . .

* HW up to the last day of classes

* Two finals due in one day AND on LDOC

*The scary little sleep I’ve been working on these past few days. . .

C’est tout for now. . .

[Photo: Carrboro//Grace Farson]

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