Self Survey


If not in Carrboro, I would live in… Istanbul, Kathmandu, Ubud, Sydney, or . . . somewhere in Hawaii [?]. I desire warm sun, loud motorcycles and bright colors the most.

My dream holiday would be to…  drive from N. to S. Africa – all of it. . . in a car, with someone I like and who challenges me. . . with. . . some food, water, a hammock, a frisbee, my cameras and my journal.

My current obsessions are… this pose//hats like these//learning how to surf and longboard//building my website and getting more work as a photographer. . . and moving to Australia or Bhutan as soon i graduate.

I channel my childhood self when I… wear leggings and/or cowboy boots//collect [*hoard] scraps of paper//use my Lisa Frank stickers to decorate books and special things [thanks Abby!]//make messes.

The fictional character I most relate to is…   Amy March. I will always be that silly, squeaky, selfish, artist child.

If I had to be outdoors all day, I would… start the day off with Surya Namaskar B and a long meditation on a dock// then, go on a long walk//build a tree house// play with children, goats and puppehs//go for a swim// make flower chains

I’m terrified of… far too few people or things.

My celebrity crush is… Georgia O’keeffe. [*Does she count as a celebrity? In my world, she’s a rockstar]. Plus, these people.

My beauty product of choice is…  a hairbrush? I wish I was more like Abby and knew more about these things. . .

My favorite article[s] of clothing is [are]… my little brother’s boxy blazer // these boots//my thick woven scarf from India.

My friends and I like to… have staring contests// make videos//collect sounds and voices// read and write poetry//go on long walks// spend the night in hammocks//cook//snuggle//massage//laugh and make big plans.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be… the early feminist movement.

As a teenager, I was totally into…life drawing studios//yoga//Matisse//India//architecture//going. . . I haven’t changed one bit. . .

I tend to splurge on… camera + audio equipment//flights to airports that are really hard to pronounce. . .

+ Abby’s fabulous self survey.

Now it’s your turn. . .

[Photo: Happy times with beautiful views and long hikes, Pokhara, Nepal//Grace Farson]

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