Notes from a sick bed


Woke up this morning feeling ill. Really, ill.

It started yesterday with the same symptoms I experienced last time. . . *the last time when I wound up in the hospital.

Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, yet and I’m still able to manage life here.

I forget the kind of sick that exists here. Kathmandu, no matter how much I love you back, you always win. I will always be defeated by you and your power over me.

That said, nothing, honestly nothing can or will change the way I feel about this place. Nothing at all. Ever.

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling mildly better and had two fantastic meals with some of the most encouraging, supportive, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. It is so comforting coming back and having a community here and especially a community, or even communities like these.

“As a traveler, I always had vivid dreams in strange countries – something about those clammy rooms, those lumpy beds, that sour air, the nameless nighttime noise.” – Paul Theroux, My Other Life

So here’s to health! To many more crazy, vivid dreams! And for exploring this city with Immy (*who just arrived today)!

[Photo: Murky monsoon days//Grace Farson]

One thought on “Notes from a sick bed

  1. Grace, Kinda keeping up with your travels…I don’t spend much time on the computer right now with the busyness of the end of school. I hope you got over being sick…not good when you aren’t at home. We’ve had some good visits with Jordan.

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