The Nepal that I used to know





Only in Nepal do you drive several hours West in order to get to your final destination in the East.

The bus journey we endured onThursday reminded me a lot of the Nepal that I remembered, fell so in love with last time. A hot, humid, sticky world full of crazed drivers, loud horns, and lovely views.

It was by far the best journey I’ve had traveling in Nepal yet because almost everything went as planned and it involved just 12 hours of napping, watching the world, and reading. I asked after 12 hours on bus number one if we could ride on the roof of bus number 2, saying we all needed fresh air, and the kind bus driver agreed.

It is so good to be back in the Terai. I knew the moment I saw it again that these next few months were going to be an adventure, and one I wouldn’t forget.

[Photos: 12 hours + 2 buses//Grace Farson]


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