The water is final



When it rains during monsoon season, nothing is safe. Nothing.

The water is final. And the water wins.

Today, we had many plans to go to various schools and work longer in the fields, but thanks to the incredible rains, we ended up reading, writing, listening to music, and watching this movie. Helen and I eventually wandered outside and walked to the river. We found it entirely flooded and full of new life.

On the walk back through town I bought a set of bindis and a brightly colored umbrella, *just so I can fit in a little better here. . .

Life here in Letang couldn’t really get any better. Each day there are big ups and downs, but I find that the ups always win.

The past few days have been full of more than just rain. Like yesterday, I stole a bike and a motorbike and explored the town. We worked more on the park and it finally looks different//like we are making real, measurable progress. AND most of all, I feel at home here.

I have vivid dreams of staying here. Living here. And not moving for years.

It is fun to picture life here beyond just a summer.

For now, here’s to:

slow internet//all the bandhas//losing my phone//making memories//life chats//shooting stars//making new friends//and falling back in love with Nepal (*each and every day).

[Photos: Life through the rains//Grace Farson]

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