21 hours










I got spoiled by the last bus ride I took.

Yesterday//this morning’s journey was far from pleasant. It left me sick, sore, and frustrated. I kept trying to remind myself of the good and all the reasons I love this country, but I admit, it wasn’t easy.

We traveled through the night and stopped// sat, in a stuffy, hot bus for most of it. There were two strikes, and various other side trips . . . which made the whole journey over 21 hours. Music and daydreams were my strength and without them, I might have done something drastic.

The sick I am is the same sick I’ve been before// often feel here. Nothing serious, just annoying.

I’m back in Kathmandu now to renew my Visa and have left the rest of the team in Letang for a couple of days.

Traveling, no matter the distance, always puts everything into perspective. Already, I have renewed energy and enthusiasm to get back to Letang (*Even though I’m already dreading that same noisy, uncomfortable journey back!). I often overlook the act of traveling itself. The act of moving. The art of travel involves a lot more than just a final destination. The hard travel is what makes me feel strong, independent, and alive.
For now, I’m happy to be back in Kathmandu. A place I take great comfort in and find great inspiration from on a daily basis.

[Photos: Bus ride from Letang, Morang to Kathmandu//Grace Farson]


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