Going back to. . .


Heading back to beautiful Chitwan tomorrow morning!

So thrilled to check in on the work WebNepal is doing now// has been doing over the past two years! Yesterday, I was fortunate to grab dinner with Bhim and his beautiful wife Laxmi in Kathmandu. It was so lovely seeing them again after all this time and knowing people like them exist in this big world.

I’m in Kathmandu now as I write. I’m certainly enjoying all that it has to offer and thankful to share this time with Ric and Helen. Last night, the three of us stayed up talking until the early morning hours and are together now working on various tasks//responsibilities// job applications//emails before we head to the Terai . . . and then. . . on to. . . India.

++ Something about me these days must scream poor and hungry, because I’m amazed by the generosity of those around me. It’s true. I am hungry and I am poor, but my faith in humanity is constantly being renewed here. . . From free food//chiya//chura//mehendi//etc. I can say with all confidence I have felt the genuine love of strangers and friends on a daily basis. (*Helen and I were even lucky enough to convince new friends on the bus from Pokhara to hold their sleeping children and puppies! Seriously, the generosity here = outstanding).

++ Woke up this morning to Skype with my funny parents.  We talked about this, about my last-minute travel plans in India, their bad ideas for house renovations, and how I look like I am twelve years old again these days.

++ And, as always, I am feeling a lot these days as my time wraps up in Nepal. I’m so incredibly grateful for my family here and for all the love. It’s going to be really, really hard for me to drag myself away from this place. Time doesn’t make this any easier. . .

[Photo: Mel near Chitwan National Park//Grace Farson]


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