Yellow Light


Here in Varanasi, safe and sound.

And, never have I valued safe and sound more.

The past few days have been a blur. Honestly, it is difficult even coming to terms with all that has happened!

It’s been something like this ->

Packing bags // Moving // two boarder crossings // buses, cycle rickshaws, more buses, auto rickshaws// Trying to sleep // bus crash and only remembering yellow light // three ambulance rides// two hospitals // collapsing//dressing wounds//arriving in Varanasi//relaxing, resting, and recovering.

All that said, we’re okay. All of us. Stitches, whiplash, bruises and all.

These days I’m thankful for okay.

Thankful for prayer and for the power of adrenaline, and healthcare all around the world.

It is by far the strangest welcome back to India I’ve ever had. Day one// trip number four to India, and then all of this. . .

From here on out, I’m traveling by train in this vast country.

[Photo: Varanasi at sunset//Grace Farson]


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