A letter to mom


Dear TT,

First of all, I cannot even begin to tell you just how EXCITED I am to spend the next two weeks with you in INDIA. I’m thrilled to be spending your Birthday in the place I love ever so much!

I sure hope you’re ready for THIS. All of it! This is going to be one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Some things to remember before you go:

  • You’re about to learn patience like you never knew before. If big, bad, wonderful India teaches you one thing, its PATIENCE.
  • Be prepared for everything, but expect nothing
  • Allow yourself to FEEL. Feel everything. Don’t be scared of feeling.
  • Be shocked. Be scared. Be joyful. And laugh when there is nothing else to do!
  • This is nothing like you’re familiar with and there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for this. . . but, have no fear!
  • When INDIA is good, it is the BEST
  • None of this will ever seem real. When we get back home, this entire journey will seem like a dream. It will all be hard to imagine or come to terms with. . .
  • Don’t worry. Don’t you worry about a thing!
  • Just be.

Relax into all this and let India take you by surprise! We’re about to share something remarkable// eye-opening// and life-changing. . . and I cannot think of anyone on earth I’d rather spend these next two weeks with!

I’m still just in shock this is finally happening!

Thanks for always trusting me. Thanks for taking risks and for being bold ALWAYS.

And most of all, thank you for loving me fully.

Bon voyage and see you in a few days!




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