Lessons learned | How to procrastinate


Today, all for the sake of avoiding my real work, I:

+ Talked to strangers. Clocked an hour talking to a self-proclaimed “talent scout”

+ Sold people things they didn’t need (*but, nevertheless,  convinced them they wanted)

+ I baked. And I baked things I don’t even like . . . and don’t even have the right ingredients for (*see. cinnamon rolls)

+ I didn’t nap

+ I changed outfits. Four times

+ I went to the plant store just to see and touch plants

+ I read some poems

+ I did a few asanas

+ I pretended to read about ecology and ecosystems

+ I read this article. Twice

That’s how I spent my day so far.

And,  I didn’t feel guilty about it. Any of it.

[Photo: Kitchen experiments on a Wednesday//Grace Farson]

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