Days with Amirah | London, England

IMG_9355 IMG_9365 IMG_9369 IMG_9375 IMG_9389 IMG_9399 IMG_9403 IMG_9415 IMG_9429 IMG_9513 IMG_9523The past few days with Amirah in London have been everything I hoped they would be and more. We laughed, snuggled, ate amazing food, walked fast, and shared our big hopes and dreams. London has always been good to me, but I feel that it gets better every trip.

I’m currently writing from Heathrow and leave for Bahrain –> Bangkok shortly. I’m excited (and maybe a little unprepared) for the next journey! Currently working on only a few hours of sleep and feel that the next day of my life with enjoy all the travel sleep.

Until next time dear London!

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