The last NAFD of the semester

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Another end to another season.

Last Thursday, the NAFD family gathered for one last dinner of the semester. There was a fire for a little while. . . Games were played. Riddles were solved. Music was created. Confessions happened.

And I even got to dance a bit.

These people have shaped my college career more than anything//anyone else and NAFD is truly sacred. And will always be that way.

Big love to all of these ones right now in the midst of exam madness and end-of-the-year-stressing.

Lessons learned | How to procrastinate


Today, all for the sake of avoiding my real work, I:

+ Talked to strangers. Clocked an hour talking to a self-proclaimed “talent scout”

+ Sold people things they didn’t need (*but, nevertheless,  convinced them they wanted)

+ I baked. And I baked things I don’t even like . . . and don’t even have the right ingredients for (*see. cinnamon rolls)

+ I didn’t nap

+ I changed outfits. Four times

+ I went to the plant store just to see and touch plants

+ I read some poems

+ I did a few asanas

+ I pretended to read about ecology and ecosystems

+ I read this article. Twice

That’s how I spent my day so far.

And,  I didn’t feel guilty about it. Any of it.

[Photo: Kitchen experiments on a Wednesday//Grace Farson]

Move over


And its the start of a brand new weekend!

Today has been a day of hats//fancy sparkling water//mandelbrodt//food writing @ Duke//and time in the sun with mosquito friends.

Have a happy weekend, and remember this:

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” – M. F. K. Fisher

[Photo: The kitchen table, Carrboro//Grace Farson]

nasi goreng dan telur

i got back from indonesia and all i can think about is the same meal i had every day there.

* * * nasi goreng dan telur * * *

{fried rice with egg}

* eggs

* cooked rice

* soy sauce

* carrots

* frozen peas

* mint

* basil

* onions

* garlic

put oil in a large frying pan or griddle and saute onions and garlic until crispy. set aside. put oil in same pan or griddle and cook diced carrots until tender. add the cooked rice to the pan and mix the two together. wait until rice starts to golden and carrots are well cooked, add frozen peas and gradually add soy sauce until all the rice is a similar golden color. scramble and cook the eggs, add to the rice, carrots and peas mixture in the pan. turn the rice until everything is mixed together.

add the onions and garlic on the top on each rice mound. {i stuffed my rice in a small bowl and then turned the bowl upside down to preserve its shape}

serve with fresh mint and basil.

it’s simple, delicious and reminds me of a lot of good times!

cooking in le dorm

preparing a meal is far from glamorous in a dorm kitchen, although i am learning the tricks. last sunday, i spent most of my afternoon in the kitchen making sense of the food i had left over from the week before.

out of the few ingredients i had to choose from and the supplies, i created these two dishes:

***roasted sweet potatoes with ginger, almonds & dried cranberries***

wash, cut and cube sweet potatoes {i had three} in olive oil and my favorite salt . cut candied ginger, almonds, and dried cranberries into small pieces. mix together curry, oil oil and honey. mix all the ingredients together and drizzle the dressing over everything. *its sweet, salty and a bit spicy.

*** lentils with onions, garlic & red curry***

saute garlic and onion in pan. wash and cook lentils – cook in vegetable broth for more flavor. add sauted garlic and onions, salt, a little olive oil and curry powder at the end of cooking time. *simple, pure food is the best.

this week, i have turnips and salad greens {thanks to sprout!} to play around with. any ideas?