2014 goals and intentions


This is a little late, but something about sharing this here helps me feel more motivated and serious (*whatever) about these goals // intentions.

So here they are:

+ Respond with efficiency (*take care of business) . . . emails // bills // invites. . . you name it!

+ Learn to take (*some) things in life seriously . . . including myself and my work.

+Inspire others in their personal yoga + meditation practices. . . encourage others to move // breathe // and to take care of themselves!

+ Get involved in yoga in prisons // at schools // in places that yoga often doesn’t get to. . .

+ Practice more partner yoga!

+ Find a doula // massage // holistic nutrition program!


+ Wear my hair down more often (*be okay with wild)

+ Learn to skateboard (*oh, and surf)

+ Roller derby (*yesss . . . or just start my own)

+ Go to church

+ Don’t give up

+ Make ONE work that I am proud of

+ Learn about money and how to manage it

+ Go skydiving with Dad

+ Pause. Think. . . All before I speak

+ Complete my portfolio and website

+ Get a grant or two and get out there!

+ Go places

+ Learn how to love more fully

+ Learn how to take a good photo

+ Practice patience

+ Learn how to tell a story

+ Make a food film

+ Take care of the bad foot and listen to my body (*run when I can)

+ Live with less. . . a lot less

+ Celebrate change and keep on changing!

*** words: Brain Krans *** photo: Mnts, Nepal

Happy N Y E


* H A P P Y * H A P P Y * H A P P Y * 2 0 1 4  !

I think it is fair to say 2013 was one of the best years yet!

In 2013, I got scared a lot, I laughed a lot, I cried a little, I tried some new things . . .  and most of all, I was and am pretty happy.

Highlights –>

I started dating this guy and adventures big and small became a part of my normal routine. I actually enjoyed my time // classes // etc at UNC (*good challenges // better classes // more inspirations all around!). I got to spend three months back in my beloved India and Nepal (*and even got to share it with these people and her!). I had fun at the tiger house and living in Carrboro all over again. I went to Mexico for ten days and took a lot of pictures. I started making plans . . . and kept dreaming. . . a lot.