22 by 22



Happy. That’s all I am today.

I feel incredibly loved//supported// full.

I’ve had the feeling all day that I’m on some sort of weird parade float just waving and smiling thanks everyone’s overwhelming kindness.

I don’t know if I feel older, wiser, or just plain weirder, but I do feel different than I did this time last year.
Last night = dinner with Amirah at Cholanad [<3 Tamil food] and free bday champagne from the bartender. a quiet night. some pool playing. good conversations at the Crunkleton. staying up late and talking//snuggling with Ora.

Today so far = coffee. class. getting showered with hap birth fb messages and wall posts. letters and small packages in the mail. cleaning and organizing my life at home. avoiding hw.

Later today = dinner with the parents! more family dinner//desserts.

It’s all happy right now and I’m incredibly thankful for everyone and the love I feel.

Grace’s 21 by 21 goals:

1.) participate in a yoga workshop (and teach regularly in chapel hill)

2.) train to be a doula

3.) learn to bake bread & incorporate bread making into my life every week

4.) make a portfolio and a website (*working on it)

5.) take an art class (learn to make pottery/ develop and use my film cameras & dark rooms/go back to figure drawing class)

6.) make money doing things i like to do/can learn from (& start paying off my education)

7.) sew something (thinking an apron would be fun)

8.) pet a wild squirrel

9.) learn how to play the accordion (now that it has made this list, its getting serious. if anyone knows how i can do these, please let me know!)

10.) travel to a new state

11.) learn how to take care of beehives with my mother

12.) teach art to kiddos

13.) plant things and watch them grow

14.) make mo:mos and samosas from scratch

15.) run the charlottesville 10 miler (AND a half marathon before February 2013)

16.) go to a new country – mexico, uganda, indonesia ???

17.) buy a canon 5d mark ii  (learn to make short films and take beautiful photos) (*dunno about the last part)

18.) spend a week without sleeping in a bed . . . (goal: live like an authentic hobo with andrew in chapel hill)

19.) decide on a study abroad/ find, apply & get grands to travel

20.) rock climb on real rock faces/climb at least once a week (*not now, but I did for a while there. . .) 

21.) volunteer and serve in my community

This time around, I’ve decided to set intentions rather than goals. . .

Some are repeats and others have been stuck in my head for a long while. . .

Grace’s 22 by 22 Intentions:

1.) Travel to a new state

2.) Host a Universe party

3.) Get back to Nepal + India 

4.) Become a Doula

5.) Set a world record (UNC kids I need your help!)

6.) Memorize two poems

7.) Try to longboard + surf

8.) Finish portfolio + website (+ get work!)

9.) Find a more consistent yoga job (+ gorilla yoga classes in the spring!)

10.) Learn how to make a good cup of coffee

11.) Fix ukelele and learn to play + the accordion (always)

12.) Run when I want to

13.) Learn to celebrate the ordinary in life//find something spectacular in everything

14.) Make the short film I have envisioned for so long now. . .

15.) Rickshaw Run!

16.) Study abroad + get a grant!

17.) Research something related to the rest of my life (vague, yes. . . but my list of possible interests exhausts me)

18.) Spend a day all alone + another full day with my grandparents

19.) Sell some of my art + get more commissions

20.) Try aerial + aerial yoga

21.) Spend a whole day hula hooping

22.) Go camping

+ Abby’s sweet “Celebrating Grace” post

[Photos: Not too long ago in Davidson//Grace Farson]