what life looks like these days

+ rachel hulin’s flying baby photos

+ my food truck photo over at reese

+ brad kunkle’s incredible paintings

+ maddie the coonhound stands on things

+ i delight in people. couples change clothes

+ i so would have done this as a kid. stuffed

+ electric feel {remix}

+ abby’s a small sampling of things {she} cannot do – funny thing is this woman is crazy good at a lot of things!

+ also, i’m saying goodbye to sugar for lent this year. . . {photo of the cupcake was on valentine’s day. don’t judge}

the abigail alphabet

ambition: help others embrace their potentials. have a house with a front porch and a swing. travel the world and experience, meet, and learn in every place i go.
bad habit: staying too much in my head. talking too loud. forgetting to reciprocate people’s questions.
city: small/ medium sized but with a big one not too far away. near some mountains but not in a landlocked state. asheville? outside portland? somewhere in maine? international? just too many great options.

drink: sweet tea. chamomile. english breakfast. cheerwine.
education: my passion. the root of the worlds problems and also the worlds solution. what I hope to one day fix.
food: macaroni and cheese in every variety and form. boxed, baked, mixed, leftover, with fixins… doesn’t matter at all to me.
guilty pleasure: britney spears. finding plane tickets on kayak.com. googling middle eastern food.

hometown: charlotte but before that rooted for 100 years in the north carolina mountains.
ice cream: chocolate, which reinforces the fact that i am turning into my mother.
jonesing for: ice cream after that last question. but in reality doing nothing in montana for spring break and finalizing my summer plans.
kryptonite: (is this supposed to mean 1.things that get to me or 2.things that kill me? i’ll answer both) 1. bookstores. mountains. smiling faces. 2. extremism. wallowing. ignorance.

look-a-like: i have heard reese witherspoon. i feel like i identify more with cindy loo hoo though…
movies: everything that is neither obsessively scary or bloody. however i describe myself as more of a tv girl- i like the continuing story lines.
nicknames: abifail, afilaflail, crabigail, abisnail, abikale, abijail, abimale, cookie, bite sized, snack pack, cookalook, abs, abbie (to only be used by immediate family members)

obsession: knitting, hearing gap year stories, making future travel plans, taping things to my wall, maps, talking about the south.
perfume: own some and probably should wear it. if i bottled the smell of new books or campfires and wore it would guys still like me?
quirk: smiling a lot? arguing about things that don’t make sense (but really, the sun is going to explode in 2.5 billion years. why are we doing nothing to stop it??) ?
regrets: being scared to jump of the assembly line. not saying yes more and breaking more rules.

starbucks: like the smell, hate the drink. CARIBOU FOR LIFE!
talents: talking. smiling. head rubbing. knitting. bouncing.
university: of north carolina at chapel hill. if anything has taught me to stop planning and left life run its course, it’s the fact that I ended up here. most humbling experience of my life and thank God every day for bringing me here and helping me to meet the wonderful people that have made this experience what is has been.
vacation: in 25 days (as of the day this is written) to montana to make blanket forts and drink wine and sleep and watch tv and make new friends and spend time with my best friend.

wine: don’t know anything about it but would love to snob one day.
x: missing the days of algebra when it was still fun to find.
years: keep on getting better. being old must be incredible.
zen: hiking. no i am not angry, its just the only time when i don’t talk and think.