Oh, hello again India


Alive and well in Mumbai!

It’s honestly a miracle. . . all of this.

I got in last night around midnight and thanks to the fabulous Amirah and her family, I had not only a ride from the airport, but also a gorgeous place to stay . The view is stunning from the apartment, it’s 17 flights up and you can see ocean from every window.

I wouldn’t be here now without Kelsey and Alex either. They’re the real heroes of  this story. They both took off work early and helped make the impossible possible. Honestly, I’m still in shock I made my flight. We managed to pick up my visa at the Embassy, drive through D.C. traffic, AND make it to the airport by 5:40 p.m. I was the last person to board the plane and amazingly, my backpack even managed to get on the same flight too.

The moment I stepped off that plane in Mumbai last night I remembered just how much I love this place. I felt devoid of all emotion the entire flight and was worried about my overall apathy. I was doing the thing I love the most in life and traveling to my second home on earth, and I still felt very little. . . But, the moment I smelled India and was hit with that thick wave of heat, I knew part of me was home again.

I sat in the back of the car and cried a little and celebrated the emotions that surprised me. I sat and cried quietly and was so overwhelmingly thankful. I wouldn’t be here without the amazing love I’ve experienced from my family and friends. Their encouragement and support means the world to me and I wish I could more fully express my gratitude.

So. . .  this one is for all of you today:

+ For Mom and Dad and for your trust in me. Thanks for being crazy enough to let me do stuff like this every year since I was sixteen. You two are remarkable and without you none of this would have been possible. Plus, Mom, I cannot wait to share this with you in August! You’re in for the biggest adventure of your life.

+ Again, for Kelsey and Alex. Your generosity and support is overwhelming!

+ For Abby. Thanks so much Abs for making the trip to D.C. and for sharing your time with me before I left.

+ Again for Amirah too. Endless thanks for putting me in contact with friends and for talking to me this morning on the phone! I look forward to India with you next time.

+ For the Mandalia family and your incredible hospitality.

+ For Kandyce. Juice sister, without you, I would have never met India and my life would not be what it is today. India messed me up forever at seventeen and you’re partially to blame for that!

+ For the Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship and UNC.

I have no plans for today,  tomorrow, or the next few days, but I know I’ll be in DELHI in a few days and then NEPAL.

For now, I’m here , celebrating being HERE.

[Photo: Gateway to India, Mumbai//Grace Farson]



Trying my best to stay present in the midst of all the madness.

Back from Pennsylvania -> an overall magical experience// couple of days!

In D.C. now. Currently crashing with Kelsey and Alex and preparing to spend a day applying for Visas and hanging out in Georgetown with Abby and Mom.

I leave for India tomorrow and I feel my world is still sort of spinning!

[Photo: Polaroid from the other weekend in pretty, cold Boone//Grace Farson]

What my weekend looked like




Kelsey + Alex D.C. –> here.


Photographed an event//concert//benefit + got a pair of shoes.

Got my car (*almost) towed.


Brunch #1 with Momma, Alex, Kelsey, + Jordan.

Brunch #2 with Amy.

An interview with the fabulous Alicia Diggs.

Car rides + music + being read to . . .

Editing//work//more editing//etc.

Full hard drive.

Late night date with Ora + Swain Hall.

. . .

[Photos: Saturday with Amirah, Alex, + Kelsey //Grace Farson]

What my weekend looked like







On Friday, Amirah, Sam, Emily and I decided it would be a good idea to take a spontaneous road trip to cloudy D.C. for the weekend. We stayed with Kelsey + Alex, hung out with Noam, we made good good food, we forgot it was January and went swimming on a roof, we walked until we were sore all over, we went to museums, drank coffee in Georgetown, and made new friends//new memories.

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.” – Marcel Pagnol

[Photos: D.C. January 2013//Grace Farson]