yoga in kathmandu

“you cannot do yoga.  yoga is your natural state.  what you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” 

– sharon gannon

{i love crazy sharon gannon and her crazy spin on yoga in the states. i have only ever tried jivamukti twice, but i did love how thorough and thoughtful it was}

. . .

yoga in kathmandu was brilliant.

the rooftop pictured here was the place i practiced most frequently while abroad. almost every morning i would wake up, climb the stairs and practice for a while. after my yoga, i would read, and my friend ram would bring me a steaming glass mug of chai {nepali chai, of course}. i think that ending my 5 poses from my time abroad series with kathmandu is appropriate . . . all things considered.

the hotel red planet in wonderful, wild thamel, kathmandu was my home away from home for so long. not a day goes by where i don’t think about it and miss it.

. . .

1.) bakasana, crane pose {i will never forget the first time i saw this pose. i was convinced it was impossible. now it is a favorite of mine. best pose for a confidence boost. *shakti = the word for power in nepali. also my favorite nepali word}

2.) utkatasana, chair pose {my pose. during yoga training, all the teachers were assigned a pose for the entirety of our training. mine was utkatasana. it was a pose i had to do every day for 9 months. i still am learning, but i have come to love the way it makes my legs burn. great for toning up the thighs and butt as well as strengthening the core}

3.) salamba sarvangasana, shoulder stand {most yogi’s “desert island” pose. you know, the pose you’d bring with you if you only could bring one. . . for good reasons too. one of the greatest inversions of all time. if you cannot, or don’t feel comfortable in shoulder stand, at least practice legs up the wall regularly.}

4.) dhanurasana, bow pose {happy, bendy back here! your spine will thank you. start off trying to just grab one leg and then try both at the same time. if you cannot touch, try using a strap or even a tie}

5.) supta pandagustansana, a variation of big toe pose {a fabulous restorative posture! stretches out the hamstrings as well as hips. hold for several long breaths. be comfortable but active}

. . .

+ no. 1 thing people shouldn’t do on the subway: yoga {thx abby for sharing this. it made me laugh. i love where americans have taken yoga and this idea of yoga}

. . .

as i said, this is the last yoga post from my time abroad, but i will continue to post some about my practice in the future.

i am no expert, but i do know some things.

is there anything you would like to see my try and do? answer any questions? share any thoughts on specific topics?

i would love to know!

. . .

“yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.”

– sri krishna pattabhi jois

. . .

get out there and start practicing! {* currently sitting outside on my travel mat in the quad [the very same mat i was on in these photos!]}

. . . namaste friends have a beautiful day.

remember, you are unstoppable.

yoga in jaisalmer

mmm. . . yoga in jaisalmer.

while i was in jaisalmer, i stayed at this cool little place inside the fort. the guest house was connected to the ancient temple next door – check out the spires in the photo!

i remember feeling like i was suffocating in the heat this day, but, as always, it was well worth the effort. i miss yoga in india, i miss rajasthan, and i miss the colors, but i choose to be content. content with where i am right now and what all i am here to do.

. . .

samtosadanuttamah sukhalabhah

“the result of contentment is total happiness.”

the happiness we get from acquiring passions is only temporary. we need to find new ones and acquire them to sustain this sort of happiness. there is no end to it. but true contentment, leading to total happiness and bliss, is in a class by itself.

– the yoga sutras of patanjali, no. 2. 41 {translated by t.k.v desikachar}

. . .

“not that i am speaking of being in need, for i have learned in whatever situation i am to be content. i know how to be brought low, and i know how to abound. in any circumstance, i have learned the secret of facing plenty of hunger, abundance, and need. i can do all things through him who stregthens me.”

– philippians 4: 11- 13

. . .

1.) adho mukha svanasana, downward facing dog {the quintessential pose. good for everything, but particularly good for stretching out your legs and low back}

2.) counter balance/ stretch {core work and balance}

3.) prasarita padotadasana, straddle forward fold {happy flexy hips and a protected spine. toxin releaser/ reducer!}

4.) balasana, child’s pose {balasana and apanasa win for my two favorite poses in all of yoga. try it and love it!}

5.) setu bandha sarvagasana, bridge pose with leg lift {a baby inversion. so good for the blood flow and for balance. just remember to breathe and breathe deeply here and hold it. for a while and alternate lifted legs}

yoga in udaipur

heaven will be one big yoga class.

i just know it.

jesus will be our guru and svasana will last for all eternity.

. . . at least that is my idea of heaven.

what is your idea of heaven?

. . .

yoga in udaipur. .

not only is udaipur one of my all-time favorite places in india, but the yoga there was outstanding. if you ever find yourself in udaipur, pay a few extra ruppees and stay at nukkad guest house – see review on trip advisor here!

all photos are from the fourth floor of the – normally hosts daily classes with a teacher but closes during the low season {the time of year i was there}

1.) sukhasana, easy pose {the best pose for centering and meditating}

2.) urdhva mukha svanasana, upward facing dog {works beautiful in a flow sequence and of course, beloved sun salutes! great as a chest – opener and shoulder work}

3.) seated side stretch {incredible. a pose anyone can do and anyone can benefit from. it makes your spine very happy}

4.) uttanasana, forward fold {nothing feels better. hip and hamstring stretch}

5.) urdhva dhanurasana, wheel or upward bow {the king of all back bends baby!}

yoga in the himalayas

in the middle of our trek on the annapurna circuit, brad and i took a full day off to acclimatize in the small town of manang. i spent my day “off ” exploring this tiny, but beautiful mountain town, doing a little yoga under a great big, blue sky and the himalayas, and reading and resting my blistered feet.

the best part of my time in manang was this experience {or the multiple cups of tea and cake i consumed}. . .

the weather was balmy, considering we were at almost 12,000 feet in april and i was all alone. alone to focus on my practice and nothing else. no distractions, no loud noises, just me, my practice, and the mountains. what more could a person want?

. . .

“waking this morning, i smile,

a brand-new day is before me.

i aspire to live each moment


and to look upon all beings

with the eyes of kindness and


may you, and all other beings, be

happy and free from suffering.”

a mindfulness meditation, frank jude baccio

. . .

1.) utthita hasta padangustasana, extended big toe pose {a great pose that not only improves balance but also stretches out your upper leg and hips}

2.) standing side stretch {great for balance and the back body}

3.) virabhadrasana I, warrior I {good for everything}

4.) virabhadrasana II, warrior II { a personal fave. esp. love the transition between vira I and vira II. fab for shoulders and hips}

5.) natarajasana, dancer prep pose {just the prep. pose here. nothing feels better than that victorious feeling once you master a beautiful, steady natarajasana!}