What life looks like these days






Lots//lots//and lots happening.

Last day of classes = tomorrow! Exams start up soon, I’m going back to Nepal [!!!] and most exciting of all, we have a kitteh!

The Tiger House has somewhat adopted Avocado cat. She is here whenever we are and even has her own food and water now.

We love her more than words (*and thankfully my allergies have been under control).

She’s beautiful, curious, and affectionate and she is the source of endless adoration. She appeared one day and has no home, so she lives with us now.

These days are remarkably weird, tired, and exhausting. Lots of work in beds, on tables, under tables, in cars, on streets, all with very little sleep in between! All said, things are good, really good. I think the overall vibe in life for everyone I am in close contact with is one of great enthusiasm.

Nearing the end of something great, but also nearing the start of something new. . .

[Photos: What life looks like these days//Grace Farson]