The place between the palms

palms8 palms6 palms2 palms4 palms7 palms palms3

No shortage of noise, smiles, or affection here.

This wonderful place, my home away from home, was just as good as ever this time around. In part it was even more special because I got to share it with TT.

I miss it already, but know I’ll be back again someday soon.

This time around, we had only one full day back (*we traveled 32 hours one direction just for one day) and it was all worth it. Worth it because its the best.

Simply the best.

[Photos: Bapatla life captured with the ae-1//Grace Farson]

Today’s best and worst list:



*Dress weather

*It’s the LAST DAY OF CLASS y’all! One more project and I’ve only got two finals left. . .

* The cute little girl on the bus getting her lollipop stuck on my felt blazer and then shoving it back in her mouth

* Two cups of the world’s greatest homemade coffee

* Getting back to teaching yoga again (*Yesterday, I taught for the first time all semester and I have forgotten just how much I’ve missed teaching. Still thinking about it in fact. . . )

*The reminder that everything is going to be okay!


*Dress weather when it gets cold as the day goes on. . . These hot afternoons get me worried about the planet too. . .

* HW up to the last day of classes

* Two finals due in one day AND on LDOC

*The scary little sleep I’ve been working on these past few days. . .

C’est tout for now. . .

[Photo: Carrboro//Grace Farson]

the sarah alphabet

when we first met we were kids, we were wild, we were insects
and after a while, i grew coarse, i grew cold, i grew reckless
i hold this memory, hold you so close to me, whispered were we always happy
lately it feels like i’m asleep and i just can’t wake up
pacing the floor, want to call, but i can’t so i hang up
sharing a secret on the train with a lady who’s crying has ruined her make up

now i see just how young, how scared i was
eyes closed tight, throwing punch after punch at the world
sarah, is it ever gonna be the same
sarah, is it ever gonna be the same

said goodbye to all the places i used to go
said goodbye to all the faces i used to know
nothing lasts forever

i guess by now, i should know

i guess by now, i should know

there ain’t a thing i can say that will ever repair
and you, who had so much advice, and yet couldn’t share
maybe someday, we will look back at this and we’ll smile, but right now i can’t bear

now i see just how young, how scared i was
eyes closed tight, throwing punch after punch at the world
sarah, is it ever gonna be the same
sarah, is it ever gonna be the same

sarah, ray lamontagne

. . .

i do not remember the first time i met sarah. all i know is we were little. we wore long dresses. we were both the third of three girls. we believed boys were scary {and all the more fascinating because of that}. . .

“we were wild. . . we were insects. . . ”

i don’t think we were friends until the monart class days. like many of my early friendships, we were essentially forced together by our mothers. in the end, it worked out and we did become friends. we had art, we had big dreams, and we had even bigger impulses.

i’ve shared some of my greatest memories and moments in life with s. with her i learned to fully embrace who i am and the things that most make me me. {i blame her for being one of the reasons i fell in love with travel. by the time i was 16 and she was 17, {and after convincing our parents we were mature and responsible young adults} we were on a plane heading toward the jungles of peru. it was here that my suspicion was confirmed and i fell madly in love with living, not just traveling in other countries.}

. . . and now, we’re here together in chapel hill. together just living, struggling, and learning along with way. . .

here’s the sarah alphabet {*i think it’s great}:

ambition: write something lyrical that i am proud to call my own. get a six-pack. love another person fully and truly. memorize the names of all the tree’s in north carolina and in a far-away place that i haven’t discovered yet. birth a baby. live in a camper, but not for forever. get my mfa. be a comedian. know how to fix my own damn bike. learn more about energy issues. make out in the library. see at least half as many beautiful places as grace has!

bad habit: being late for everything and inconveniencing people. forgetting to take pens to class. drinking way too much coffee

city: chapel thrill

drink: blueberry beer (or orange juice)

education: is everything i’ve encountered so far

food: blogs? food blogs are good?

guilty pleasure: winking. and rap music

hometown: davidson/huntersville (where i spend the most time/where my actual zipcode is)

ice cream: the best i ever had was home-made and eaten in a garden. i still dream about it

jonesing for: adventure, a dog and a good back rub. and cowboy boots, as a bonus

kryptonite: my baby nieces, lily and katie

look-a-like: people say “you just have one of those faces!” a lot, so apparently, i have many look-alikes all over the world. or can i say what i would like to look like? helen mirren. SHE’S HOT

movies: dead poet’s society, goodwill hunting

nicknames: :”say” from my nieces and my mom. it’s the sweetest thing in the world. and eddie! call me eddie please, it’s my favorite.

obsession: mad men! (the show, not males who are irked)

perfume: something called “unique woman” in hopes that i’ll become one. also it smells fiiiiine.

quirk: grace can answer that one. she knows my quirks as good as I do

regrets: not taking more risks in high school. over-thinking life, saying words that have hurt people. not playing the fiddle (not sure why, i just regret it).

starbucks: straight-up black coffee like a real woman

talents: making friends with strangers and ping-pong

university: currently enrolled in harvard, brown and oxford. just kidding! unc, and i couldn’t love it more

vacation: taking a train through europe would be nice. or, anywhere with a lake

wine: chilled white. mmmm

x: x to not living life fully

years: 21! and 23 days!

zen: biking at night

{all photos from our life here together at unc}