On moving + being

IMG_9821 IMG_9958 IMG_9966Today’s my last day in Bangkok (*for a while at least).

Tonight, I catch a train (12 hrs) and then a ferry south (anywhere from 2 hrs to 8 hrs) –> to the island of Koh Tao! I arrived in Thailand like I do most places, with no plan, and decided to go south to the ocean instead of north towards Chiang Mai. From there, the plan involves Burma, my camera, and a lot of food.

These days have been filled with everything I love, including –> long walks, trying new foods (*all good until this), motorbikes (*trying to ride sideways and struggling), sweat, and even sweatier yoga classes. I feel incredibly grateful to be here and want to throw myself and my all into my time here.

All of these photos are from the boat ride along the canal over to the Grand Palace.

Until next time Bangkok!

Island visit | Elephanta Island, Maharashtra, India

IMG_6061 IMG_6055 IMG_6052 IMG_6047 IMG_6031 IMG_6018 IMG_5859 IMG_5855 IMG_5853 IMG_5845 IMG_5837I found these images this weekend tucked away in a folder. Early August in India was pretty great.

On this day, so many months ago now, TT, Jess, and I made the short boat ride out to Elephanta Island from Mumbai. What I remember most from this place is the color. Everything seemed to glow.

Today in Chapel Hill, I’m wearing fur and its winter, but its just as bright and sparkly as it was in India on this day.