feb. 29

happy rainy leap day world!

i always wanted to be born on feb. 29.

* * *

“it is possible to speak with our heart directly. most ancient cultures know this. we can actually converse with our heart as if i were a good friend. in modern life we have become so busy with out daily affairs and thoughts that we have lost this essential act of taking time to converse with our heart.”

– jack kornfield

* * *

also, here’s a song for your bonus day!

this morning i slept later than i wanted to. went to talk to an academic adviser about my future or lack there of {and how i will never find a job} . . .

but the morning did get better because i got to talk to dana {she’s in india!} and we planned and dreamed up summer ideas together.

c’est tout!

{photo through a jeep, darjeeling}